Susan is a very talented, empathic, and compassionate Psychic Medium. She has been gifted with her abilities being in touch with Spirit as far back into childhood as she can recall, somewhere around the age of five, rendering her with 45 years of experience.

Susan is very authentic in her reading style. She is honest, loving, direct, fun, and non-judgmental. As an empath, Susan is very down to earth, feels what you feel and often times will shed tears with her clients. She is as "human" and real as anyone else living a normal life.

Her readings are very informative, with a laid back approach. 

You will not be left guessing after a reading with Susan. She also enjoys staying in contact with her clients to hear how they are excelling in life, after their reading with her.  Susan is known for her extreme accuracy in her readings related to the deceased, your past, present, and future.  The degree of detail that Susan is able to relay is profound.

Please be reminded that everyone has free will to change the course in and of their own lives; and therefore,  they can change the readings given path at said time. Free will is a tricky subject - which path one chooses is entirely up to them. No path however, is the wrong path. You are always exactly where you are supposed to be in life until your soul is ready for the next phase.

Susan has worked online as an International psychic, given many spiritual classes and healing gatherings, and also worked as an alternative healer with Hospice for five years. She looks forward to connecting with you.

"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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