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This website's goal is to deliver the Blessed healing, life path coaching, and insights of the past - present - future that Susan Nicole Wright brings to the table to the masses, and to bring the value of Susan's gifts in their fullest capacity to the most people. Word of mouth is wonderful, and has served Susan well, but bringing word of mouth to the world wide web is even better. 

Susan has stated, on this website and to her friends, that "This is my passion and purpose in life!". Susan's gifts manifested at the tender age of only 5 yrs old. She seeks to bring the fulfillment of her purpose and passion in life to fruition by leading those in need to the healing, empowerment and life path coaching she delivers. Her close friends and those clients who have experienced her gifts for themselves are very excited to see this website launched and wish her, and her clients, Love, Light and Prosperity, in all of the services that will be rendered henceforth. 

All services will be conducted by telephone, excepting the "Picture Reading" which is done through email, social media and/or phone. Unless otherwise stated by Susan herself, no face-to-face contact will take place, nor is it necessary. A concise listing of all services can be found on the "Services" page, as well as links to PayPal for rendering of payment. 

All decisions made and actions taken by clients, based on advice given or on readings done by Susan, are made at the clients' OWN RISK. By rendering payment and engaging on the telephone or by email with Susan Nicole Wright, the client has accepted this risk of their own volition. No comments or advice given by Susan is meant to be used as medical or psychological treatment. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.


For anyone needing a professional nerd to help get their website off the ground, to help resolve technical issues/user experience issues, or to streamline an existing site, please contact the co-builder of this website, Michelle Holdorf, at caparoche@gmail.com. She also owns/maintains AstroNewbies.webs.com, a "kindergarten" for people new to the world of "real" astrology. 

"If you're busy trying to rescue everyone, you may be the one that needs rescuing." ~ Susan Nicole Wright

"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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