1/1-1/7/2019 Weekly Tarot-All Signs!


Did you come into 2019 thinking it would be easier? Oh my. Well, only if you're willing to work for it. It won't be as hard as previous years you've seen but there is always some work to do. What purpose would we have if not?

Just when you thought you didn't have any fight left in you, you'll come to realize that you do. You won't want to lose this battle. It's one you may fight with another or within yourself that needs to be finalized and put to rest. How do you wish to start your new year?

If you feel alone I can assure you that you are NOT. Help is near if and when you need it. You just have to reach out. Whether in Spirit or human form, it is there.

Someone will have your back when you feel you can't go it alone.

2019 doesn't come without its battles. 2018 was about finding the love within and setting and keeping those healthy boundaries for yourself strong and ditching those and what no longer serves your heart and highest good. The start of this year and week is testing you to see how strong you will stand in what you decided.

This week is about bringing it home. Where is home for you? Where do you feel safe and free? Is it within yourself yet?

There is a battle this week within your own heart and you have the power within to fight it. Have faith and know that whatever comes your way - you can and will handle it.

You've made it this far and you will make it even farther.

This week brings a message. This could go either way - good or bad, depending on your own unique situation. All things that happen have meaning and are for your learning. If you feel lost, try having a little faith in a higher power when you can't seem to see it within. Or, reach out. Someone WILL be there to help you.

Know that you deserve what your heart desires. Take steps to get yourself there.

True justice is being at peace with where you currently are so that more and better can meet you halfway. True justice is no longer other's to control your emotional well-being.

Life is a gift and this week brings with it a gift but you have to be present for the present.

You want to repeat more of the same? Then by all means continue on and remain the same.

You want something better and different? Then get up and fight for yourself and know that you are worthy of it. Make the changes you know need to happen so that you and others aren't holding you prison in smallness. Get up and grow.

Stop keeping yourself in lack where the bitter enemy wants you (the bitter enemy may just be you). Stand up and fight for what you want.

Action is where you will find what you want.

Go ahead now. Do it! Make the change now!

You are supported in these necessary changes.

You are supported as soon as you agree and say YES!

As they say, nothing good comes easy. Get up and fight for yourself. If you want to get angry go ahead but get angry at yourself for holding yourself small.

You say you want something better but what are you willing to let go of for it to come in and meet you?

New year, new you? Not unless you're willing and ready.

Not unless you are ready to hold yourself accountable.

You want to see a difference? Start with yourself.



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