1/13-1/20/2019 Weekly Tarot-All Signs

I went backwards a few days to accommodate the energy that's been in the air..

It's judgement week and as the saying goes, "the devil is in the details". Not all is on the surface this week. Are you scheming something up or is someone else? You'll need to look at all the details of whatever comes up for you at this time to get to the bottom of what is being presented to you. Many issues may relate to home and family this week. What does home and family mean for you? Where is home for you, what feels like home for you, how do you care for home, do you feel "at home" within yourself first? You could be dealing with a child, childlike issues or your own child within. As we near the end of this week, the answer(s) should become quite clear as to what you need to do. Do you value home and family, your own home within? Home starts with you. Are you comfortable there? If not, what can you do to change this? Everyone has a dark side within. This doesn't mean it's evil but you will need to deal with a dark side this week, whether it's within yourself or the dealings of others. If you want your light to shine, deal with the darkness first. If you need help, it will be at hand for you. All you need to do is reach out and ask. This help may very well come from a female figure or what is at play could have to do with a female in your life. The most I can say about this week is to follow the Golden Rule and lead with your heart and what feels right in your heart, not so much your ego or head. Changes are happening where we once thought we were comfortable. Something's going to give and end so that something so much better can enter your life. This change is happening for good reason, let it. Let go and let life flow! It's going to anyway and you can flow with it easily or you can be dragged, kicking and screaming and a bit battered and bruised. Which do you wish to choose? Love is in the air, but make sure it's what you really want and what you're really seeing, not what you think or want it to be. You cannot change someone into what you want. That only lasts so long until they or the situation reverts back to its natural state of being. The opposite of evil is live. Are you really living the life you desire? Are you living in or from the past with all its mistakes and misfortunes or are you living your best life in the now? Now is all you've really got. What do you want from your heart's perspective? What can you let go of to make it happen for real this time?

If it feels good and you know it's right and not harming another then do it. If it doesn't feel right then listen to your intuition and change it. This time right now is all you've got. NEVER surrender what your heart truly wants!

Watch and listen to the video below. The time has come and the time is NOW. This week will find all kinds of aggression also. Aggression can display itself in many ways. From hate/anger to love/passion. You get to choose how you will handle your own aggression and how you react/respond to others. This week will see you shine but in which light from which place within? You'll either meooooow or roooooar!

Have a great week!


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