1/21-1/28/2019 Weekly Tarot - All Signs

WOW! How was that eclipse for you? Wild one for sure and the energy is not over yet! The energy was SO intense that while I was in awe of it all I was also sick from it. (I'm better now) You may have found yourself sick, unable to sleep, feeling foggy, or its opposites and full of vitality. The dreams have been off the chain! Weird to say the least. Pay close attention to the clues there. Do they involve your past or past people? Is there something you need to break the chains of? Monday's full moon eclipse in Leo, exact at 12:12am eastern time was a blood, wolf moon. It may have seen you facing some past issues literally in person or within. It's time to wash the blood from your hands and heart and move forward, replacing all that with a roar from your belly! If you're still settling and living in the past or past ways then this week may be a little tougher for you to grasp. It's time. Right now, since this moment is all you've got, to let go of what has not been serving you, your heart and others. It's time to release yourself from the chains that you've kept yourself bound by. You deserve what you want and you'll get it as soon as you deem yourself worthy and start loving and honoring yourself and your path. The past few days and the next may see you facing some previous issues that you'd rather not! Face them head on, you've got this as you always have! Tuesday night and Wednesday are better days as Venus the planet of LOVE connects with Jupiter the planet of abundance and expansion. Jupiter is the gift giver. Connect with the love in your heart and see what you are gifted! Take a chance on you and what you want! STOP SETTLING! Stop letting yourself down for a fleeting moment of something that may feel good that you KNOW is not good for you! Stop right here. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat after me, ALL GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING TO AND FOR ME FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! Believe it! Feel it! KNOW it from the depths of the fire in your soul that it is so!

You've always had this fire but may have allowed yourself or others to put out your flame. That's over! No one can stop you but you. So what will you do with all this fire energy? How will the flames consume you? It's all up to you!

With that eclipse, you should have felt or will very soon feel "the shift". You'll know what I mean by that when it happens and trust me you'll know. Break the chains, spread your arms wide open and allow everything you've been wanting to come to you. It's time! Go back and read last week's tarot for some clues into this eclipse. Something has to be eclipsed OUT for anything new to enter. You should know what needs to GO in order for you to expand. Someone, some thing, a situation, bad habits, etc.. Something had to go! The way you love yourself needs to be of utmost importance. If you are in a situation that you find you are having to force, guess what? It needs to GO! If you have to force it - IT'S NOT FOR YOU! Force is a lesson. Do you really need another one, haven't you had enough of them? It's time to have some fun and celebrate life! But first, you need to make some changes within. You are never stuck so stop bounding yourself to things that aren't working to serve your heart's desires! Baby, IT'S A BRAND NEW DAY! Clear out the past, clean out your home, whether that's your home you actually live in or the one covered up by your skin. Get it done! Give yourself the gift of loving yourself! YOU ARE WORHTY AND DESERVE IT! Stand up, put your hand on your heart, take a DEEP breath and vow from this day forward - NO MORE BULLSHITTING, BELITTLING OR BACKSTABBING, YOURSELF! This eclipse in Leo was conjunct the transit north node in Cancer. Oh yeah, it's emotional! How well do you treat your home and family? How well have you been treating your home within (your heart)?


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