The past few days may have had you down, or you are going through it now. Don't fret, this isn't the first time things have been this way or felt this way and you WILL make it through it, once again. Not everyone has felt the extreme surge of energy yet and that's okay, it'll come to you. If you feel this way take that pause and dig deep. If you could only see within yourself what I see in every one of you that are going through something internal or external you would give yourself a break because it will get better. If you need help at this time please do not be afraid to ask for it! You have Spirit watching over every one of you. You have friends waiting on you to reach out. You have your higher being whatever you want to call it - God, Universe, Angels, etc., give it over! You WILL be guided. Get quiet, get still in your mind and let it go and ask and listen to what you are shown, hear or feel. Some things have had to been let go of over the last few days since the eclipse and we are still in that energy for a little while. Yes it was a new moon where new beginnings can happen but in order for the space to be there for it, something had to go. Only you know what that might be or have been. Clinging to fear? STOP IT! Try clinging to FAITH and see how you feel for once. Cling to the fact that YOU are a powerful being. It WORKS!

If you have any bitter feelings or wish ill harm on anyone, you best be looking in the mirror because you are truly only poisoning yourself. LET IT ALL GO! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? NEITHER in that case!

There are some things worth fighting for and reacting to and there are some things that have lost that oomph to even care anymore. Please walk away from what no longer serves you! Do yourself that favor. Love yourself enough to know when enough has really been enough and it's been enough for a very long time. Life is short. You need to be living in a space of love, not hate or fear! If you knew this was your last day, how would you treat it, treat yourself and others? If you are the controlling type, and trying to control everything and everyone around you, it is only you that you need to get control of. You can't change anyone, stop the fight within yourself to even try. Make yourself the main priority this week in making changes.

Some people are hit early, right on time or a little later with the energies at play. They were and still are very strong! DO YOU! WORRY ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO BETTER YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE. LIVE IT. People cling to their suffering only as long as they give themselves permission for. You CAN stop that. You do not HAVE to suffer at all. Change is coming if it hasn't already hit you, best to take a deep breath and brace yourself for it. You've got this! You always have, you just haven't allowed yourself the freedom from the chains you keep yourself bound in.

DO whatever you have to do to make the needed changes within. I don't care if it's the Hokey Pokey, just do it.

This week is your NEW YEAR to celebrate! Love IS now in the air! Great things are here waiting for YOU to let go of the past crap and say a firm YES to! WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? YOU are gold! Treat yourself as such! Whatever you have lost, know that something better is about to find it's way to you but you MUST be open for it and you must not fear that loss.

If you don't know what to do right now, don't worry, the answers will show themselves very soon! This week is full of FATE! What do you want yours to be? What can you change to make it so? What would BE if this world were yours? Because it is.. Last week or into this week, you should have or will be given the epiphany into what you need to do. The energy this week is so FULL of goodness. Grab it! There will be something for you to celebrate! It could just be that you've realized your own WORTH and POWER. It's so worth celebrating! Oh and the dreams? They've been taking you through your past to heal. They are showing some truths. The only person that can take you down is you.. If you feel you need to react to someone, make it yourself in how you've been treating yourself. You've got some fight left in you. I know you do! Fight for you, YOU are worth it! Want to write out your new beginning wishes? Write them as you already have them, are living them and believe it! NOW is the time to do it!


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