10/1-10/7/2018 Weekly Tarot

Brace yourselves it's going to be a Hell of a week (and month!)

If you're one that is having breakdowns then good! This means a breakthrough is finally coming! Breakthroughs come through breakdowns. Something's gotta give. Something's gotta go! If you want to step into the future that you so desire then you have to look at what attachments are holding you back from having that very reality, and yes,m it can most certainly become your new reality, as soon as you let go and change what needs to be changed. Without said change, welcome to the same.

If you are concentrating on what's missing then you are focused in the wrong place. Whatever, wherever you focus, expands itself. Reread that!

Find gratitude for wherever you are now, have a newfound appreciation for what is, let go of what it is you no longer want and allow more things to be grateful for the room to come in. You have to make space. Do you have the space for anything new to come in or are you bogged down in misery of what you don't yet have?

When you find gratitude for all that is, you will ultimately feel more satisfied. See the lessons of where you may be right now, and start the path of moving on beyond them. Take a look inward at what needs to stop, where you have settled or sold yourself short. Where you are, is exactly where you said you should be at this time. Look inward at why you may still be there if this is not where you wish to be any longer. You HAVE to step over any fears that have held you back. You have to LOVE yourself and hold yourself accountable also for where you are and why you aren't where you'd rather be. You HAVE to TRUST yourself and allow yourself to go where you desire and with whom.

You get to say, who-what-where-when. YOU.

This week is FULL of emotions, some dark, that you are being asked to confront within yourself. Figure out and KNOW what you want and go after that with NO fear.

The past is creeping in this week also testing you. Will you fall back to that? Take the path of least resistance, it is the path where you stop fighting, stop struggling, stop sabotaging your own dreams, stop selling yourself short. The path of least resistance is the path of who you really are. It's the path of your truest desires.

Your inner being knows that path to it. You have to allow yourself to feel good. JUST FEEL GOOD about being alive and being YOU.

You are here on purpose, for a purpose. Go find your joy! Get out of your misery!

Everything is changing and soon nothing will look the same. Relationships are changing, they will NOT be the same as you once knew. (That's a good thing)

Listen to your HEART and follow that! Stop fearing everything and have a little FAITH. This is YOUR life! Take the LEAD! COME UNDONE AND HAVE THAT REBIRTH YOU SO NEED TO MOVE FORWARD! WHO DO YOU NEED WHEN YOU'VE COME UNDONE? YOU!


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