10/21-10/27/2018 Weekly Tarot

Sorry to report that it's yet another heavy week ahead! However there is some good news to come from this so please continue reading!

How many of you have felt the strange, heavy energy the past week? It's all coming to a head this week. Where one was taking on burdens or putting up with anyone's junk, is about to be exposed. You know the saying, "enough is enough". Well, it's been enough and it's going to come out into the open and be put to rest. How the energy plays out if totally up to you. Meaning how you respond or react. Let me tell you that your best bet is to come from a place of love and not any insecurities, envy, hate or bitterness. Your ass will be fried and handed back to you on a platter if you take that the latter route. We've all been dealing with darkness. The darkness of others and our own dark sides. (Thanks to all the energy happening in Scorpio, the sign that rules it).

Nothing is as it appears right now. NOTHING. What you thought was, is not and what you thought is not, is. There will be shock and surprise this week so prepare yourselves. Some may have been hit with this the past couple of days as some people always get hit with the energies a little earlier than others. Empathic people usually get hit earlier because they are more susceptible to the energies. Last week for many felt like the twilight zone, just like you're here but you weren't and couldn't quite explain the energy. Imagine just floating in dark space, being tumbled around not knowing exactly who, where or what was going on, that is what I mean by the zone. We are dealing with dark energy all around and it is heavier than normal. True colors are being seen at this time. The truth cannot and will not stay hidden. Some relationships may be ending, let them go. You will be okay, I promise..

For every ending is a brand new beginning. It's time to really walk away from what or whom no longer serves your highest good! Walk away knowing that you are headed towards better things. This is a ruthless week but what I love about it is that you can most definitely learn yourself better from it and through it. Stop with the bullshit and start better showing up for yourself! Each day you wake up is another chance at being a better human being, That's all you're being asked to do. SHOW UP and BE DECENT. Don't worry yourself with what others may be doing as their paths are NONE of your business. Worry about your own and where you are headed and whom with.

STOP settling for things you KNOW you don't want and stop wasting yours and others time.

If you can realize that you are always being shown bits and pieces of yourself through others you would stop judging and hating. LOVE folks. LOVE is where it is all at. And yes, as much as I hate the saying that you have to love yourself first, you REALLY DO HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. If you're not, you will continue to find yourself in lessons that I can guarantee you would prefer to not be in, AGAIN.

What you seek so seeks you and it's all within your heart. Love yourself so much that it overflows to others. (I am not talking about selfishness, egotism or narcissism here). I mean stop selling yourself short. Heal what needs to be healed. How do you know what needs to be healed? The answer is whatever continues to show in your life that you do not like or blame others for. When you point your finger to another, three more point back to you for a reason. It's time to get right with your life and soar. Like I always say, you're not waiting on life to happen for you - life is waiting for you to happen! So, HAPPEN already! Life is waiting for you to show up for you, for you to finally honor and love you. Then and only then will you start to see the things your heart really wants to show up.

Wake up. The life you really desire, desires you.. It's go time. This week will have you questioning everything. What and whom do you really love and value? I pray that you are first on your list.. KNOW where you have been unhealed, work on this. Wake up a better you.

YOU are WORTHY of this love. If you want to find or see the light at the end of the tunnel, then get your ass out of the tunnel to begin with. You don't have to be there, it's been your choice because you have yet to see the lessons you've needed to learn. Also, one of my fb friends made a great post this week that goes right along with this week's cards and you can find and follow him on Facebook. He's a great astrologer and tarot reader;

"The best way to manipulate anyone is to give them everything they ever wanted. Keep that in mind when the devil approaches you soon." ~ Michael Ifeanyi Nnebe


I picked the song below because it's a little dark, heavy and beautiful. Enjoy.

"I used to follow my heart

But now I’m safe in the dark

You used to run to my arms

Oh how that’s lost its charm

Now we’re crawling on our bellies

With an army of ghosts

Of do’s and don’ts

Is there something you should tell me?

In you I see… I do, I don’t, I do, I don’t

’Cause when it’s Real, Real Love, You try to fix it but the damage is done

’Cause when it’s Real, Real Love, You try to fix it but it’s never enough

Our faith purest island

Lost in the setting sun

Was perfect when it began

Was over when it begun

Now we’re crawling on our bellies

With an army of ghosts

Of do’s and don’ts

Is there something you should tell me?

In you I see… I do, I don’t, I do, I don’t

’Cause when it’s Real, Real Love

You try to fix it but the damage is done

’Cause when it’s Real, Real Love You try to fix it but it’s never enough.....

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