10/28-11/3/2018 Weekly Tarot

2018.. The year among many that everyone thought would be SO much better than the last. Ha... Okay, so you know, you are always in control of how you choose to respond to the energy at play. This is going to be a very sensitive week and I will say most likely the rest of this year and next year but we will focus on it week by week.

This week, you're being asked to really step it up for yourself and figure out what you really love and value and you'd better hope that YOU are part of that answer.

People will be more in their emotions. Situations, relationships of all kinds will be rearranging, even ending. What have you settled for or tolerated from yourself or others that no longer serves your highest good? Where is your faith in things, or have you been crippled and led by fear?

Trust in yourself more. Trust that gut feeling, the little voice inside, or however else you get your intuitive hits. JUST TRUST IT. TRUST YOURSELF for once!

Not only will be seeing the dark sides of other people, we will be faced with our own. How are you handling that? Do you like what you see in yourself? Do you like what has been mirrored back to you? You have the power within to change anything you don't like. Do not allow fear to keep you the same. If you stay the same then you can expect it to get even darker. Your Karma and Dharma is working it's force this week like a wrecking ball.

You are being asked to find your true Atman (your soul). If you knew you had to come back in a next life and pay for all your wrongdoings, ask how you could start now by changing that into something beautiful. Start now by loving and really honoring your godness (okay that was supposed to say goodness but hey, it also works).

This week will ask where you have let yourself down. Where might you have let your friends or family down. Every day that you wake up is your new beginning to start something brand new. What could you change to become a better human being not only to yourself but to the collective, to humanity?

Life changes when you get sick of your own bullshit (That's no bullshit).

Justice is served when you can treat yourself as the most highest temple there is. Stop selling yourself short, stop not believing in yourself, stop blocking what it is you so desire out of fear that you may not be worthy of it after all. For God's sake you ARE a worthy being! Wake up and start a new path. There is no better time than the present moment and the present moment is a gift. Trust in FAITH, THE DIVINE, that you will be supported on a more faith bound journey. Trust that where you're at, isn't where you have to stay unless you're happy and want that. Remember that breakdowns are not meant to hurt you, they are meant to grow you. Breakdowns are for breakthroughs. Be open to receive what you really want. You will have more peace and harmony when you stop choosing lessons and see that the answer to the lessons has always resided within yourself and you will see it when you say you are truly ready. Get quiet with yourself, listen and feel what it is you need to learn, what it is that you really need to see. If you want to stop being abandoned, stop abandoning yourself. If you want others to treat you better then lead the way for them! It's time to make a decision this week of what or whom you value most..

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