10/8-10/14/2018 WEEKLY TAROT

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

This is a tough week ahead! However, you can control the energy and yourself instead of allowing it to control you!

This week may find that you will need your strength and courage to get through.

Old things from the past may pop up that you thought you had dealt with. Your strength and courage is being tested here to see how far you've come on your journey. Are all those dark things healed? These things could be anything from old fears, jealousies, old traumas/triggers, looking into how much love and worth you've actually given to yourself.

Don't beat yourself up if anything comes to the surface. It shows up for you to heal it or better handle it as I don't believe we ever fully heal from old gunk, we just learn to better process and handle it in new self loving ways.

If this is you, take the necessary time out that will be needed for you to reflect. You are so much stronger than you may give yourself credit for and stop giving everyone else that credit when it is you that needs to see it in self.

Ego struggle may be at play also. Only you know what's best for you and you owe NO ONE any explanation for how you may feel or what you need recovery from. Focus on you, what you value and love here. That is first and foremost. You do NOT have to engage. Reread that line.

So many people are just coping, know that you are NOT alone in this and that help is all around you, you will just need to muster up the courage and reach out for the needed help. NO ONE makes it here alone. We grow together through shared experiences.

Make sure, you are giving yourself what you always give to others. You matter first here! You cannot give from an empty well. Fill yourself up this week with things you love and find value in.

There may be some shocks and surprises this week but oh how boring life would be without any contrast, huh?

The end of the week will find you in a much better place, a lighter place. Fill it with love, love for yourself first please.

Through all the ups and downs, you will come out a much better, stronger version of you!

Embrace whatever and wherever you may find yourself this week, hold it all in a place of gratitude. It's showing up for your betterment. Trust that. Take this week ahead to reevaluate what and who you love. Is it or are they showing you that same amount? Everything has it's yin and yang. Find the balance needed and if the balance is lost, it may be time to dip out, or correct that in some way. Only you will know the way. Find balance in relationships where it has lacked. Make sure you are fully showing up before you think others should also. What and where is the balance? Do not search for perfection as it does not exist, rather search for a good balance.

It's a roller coaster of a week. By the end, you will have a smoother ride and you can choose to take the ride again or step off and reflect awhile to get your footing again.

Also, watch your words this week. How do you speak to others? How are you speaking to yourself first? Treat yourself with love and kindness. You are worth it! This week won't go out without a BANG! Expect shocking things, news, deaths, yes actual deaths and in shocking ways, also the death of your own soul for the purpose of it's rebirth, triggers, jealousies, insecurities, breakdowns of relationships you once thought fine, meaning breakups or breakdown for rebuilding, dark things you or someone else thought was hidden will come out, OH, and love may happen out of the blue, however we are in a Venus retrograde and Venus rules love so expect that as much as it seems like a fairytale, it probably is and there WILL be things there to be worked out also... It's on folks! Get your big girl/boy panties on. Not many will go unscathed this week!


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