11/11-11/17/2018 Weekly Tarot

Please take note that these readings are not for every soul on this planet. The ones that need it will understand it. Thank you for being here!

11/11, a huge date it was and still is in my opinion for manifesting some of your greatest desires! Write out what you really want, scream it to the universe if you need or get quiet within and manifest from there. Some will see these manifestations instantly, others not so fast but they will come. You will see the greatest miracles and blessings when the Sun moves out of Scorpio (where you've had to face some darker, real issues) and into Sagittarius where it will conjoin with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This will be from 11/22-12/21/2018.

During that time, you will need to have worked through any demons, anything that has held you back from prosperity and abundance in any area of your life. Get to work folks if you want to see the payoff for all your hard work on yourself. Where have you held yourself back, where have you allowed others to hold you back?

That all has to stop! It's time.

This week will find many in pain, actual physical pain, emotional pain and just exhausted. Try to differentiate if it belongs to you or if you are an empath and feeling the collective consciousness. The energy has been extremely thick and heavy as of late and we aren't in the clear just yet. As this week passes by Wednesday things will start to feel a little lighter. Breathe and FEEL it all out! Being up in your feels is going to last over a year. You're being asked and made to feel, to cry, to truly show your emotions and do not fear this, embrace it. The sooner you do the better. Find your heart, find your home. It's all within first.

This week, oh what a week...

Relationships are going through many transformations, ALL relationships. ALL forms.

If it's meant for you, it will stay, you won't have to fight or push for what truly is meant to stay for you. If it's not meant, this week could see the breakdown of it.

There may be some information that comes out that could be shocking to say the least around said relationship. You hold the power over what you choose to do with said information. You always hold that power and no one can take this from you unless you allow it. You will have to make a judgement call in a specific area of your life. What do you really want? What do you really desire? Are you showing up in self to compliment what you desire? If not then go back to the drawing board folks..

Whatever you desire can only show up to compliment where you are within yourself. Think on this. Is it time to readjust those sails so that what you want and you can flow freely to one another? Maybe. Only you will know by what has been showing up. Has it been what you really desired? If not, there is your answer.

It's time to find your place and with whom but first it needs to find itself within.

Love is coming for many but will you even recognize it when it does? Not if you don't recognize it within first. Some facades of love may also be showing up for you at this time and that's okay. It's purpose was not meant to stay but to open your heart. How did it feel? Was it something so beautiful it made you cry? Good! Your heart's opened. Hold that right there, feel it and do your best to keep it alive. No one is here to truly be alone. Alone for a while maybe but not forever. We are meant to relate.

To learn from one another whether that learning was perceived as good or bad, it is all for your betterment trust that. See the lessons and grow from there. Do not hold bitterness for something that didn't work out, because you did choose it and chose to participate for however long you did.

The big question this week ------> WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?

How can you stop sabotaging, stop letting yourself down and stop selling yourself short? YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVE EXACTLY WHAT YOUR HEART DESIRES and you will get it when you stop settling for less.

Get your work done so that you are ready and prepared for when the Sun joins Jupiter. I promise you, if you do then you will see the blessings come in.

Oh, and cry. Don't deny yourself that natural ability to SHED. You are not alone. Most everyone felt the sadness and heaviness either last week or will this week. Cry it out. Let it out. Let go and let life flow!

PS. If you are trying to manifest anything from a place of fear, you won't see what you want show up. Instead, you will see another lesson show up and you don't want that, right? Have FAITH. AND HAVE A LOT OF IT! It's time to shine but you can't really shine until you work through and walk through the darkness. Don't fear the dark, embrace it, love it, get a better understanding of it. After every sunset comes a sunrise. Hold yourself accountable this week, it's crucial to the blessings you desire and are waiting on you to show up first.. TAKE A CHANCE ON YOU. YOU'RE SO WORTH IT!


"This is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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