11/18-11/25/2018 WEEKLY TAROT-ALL SIGNS

Okay, here we go! This week isn't getting any easier. We won't be seeing easier until mid December into 2019 and 2019 won't be without it's hiccups but it WILL be better than the past eight years! Better as in if you've learned anything about yourself over that time period and held yourself accountable for your own crap as well as what you've accepted to be in your life.

This week, we will be seeing meltdowns and breakup's. Not every meltdown will result in a breakup. Some absolutely need to be broken down to finally be ended and others to rebuild. What inside yourself can be torn down to rebuild for a better life? With every death comes a rebirth. Where can you change your life, your lifestyle, your relationships, your friendships, to rebuild into something better and more deserving for you?

If people are dragging you down, you have two choices. You can go down with them or you can say F that and move on!

There will be confrontations, meltdowns and mood swings this week, guaranteed. If you're not experiencing it, you will be witnessing it!

People are being asked to find their "home". What, who and where makes you feel peacefully at "home"? Because your home wherever and with whomever that should be, should be a peaceful place for you to retreat to. Not somewhere or with someone that constantly stirs the pot and makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells!

Do you feel at home within yourself? It ALL starts there!

Many will be moving away from what NO LONGER feels good this week. Enough is enough isn't it? Only you will truly know when that time has come for you but I pray it's sooner than later for you because you ARE a worthy being and you DO deserve the BEST!

If you need help then you need to reach out because SOMEONE will be there to help you! If you have been stuck in life or an abusive situation then reach out so that someone can help you. If you don't reach out then no one will know that you may need help.

Family is where it's going to be at! Family isn't always blood!

True justice is coming by year end. Justice as in KARMA. If you've been good and truly working to fix issues within yourself and holding yourself accountable for your own BS and what you've been accepting to pull you down then you will be rewarded. If not then you will have a harder time than most.. Speak THE truth. Make sure it's really true and not a lie you have chosen to believe or hide behind. Some are under the spell of delusion and illusion. Best to wake up and break those patterns! It's time to get REAL and it all starts within. If you've been the abuser and telling lies, you will be busted out. Truth always prevails! As does accountability!

You want justice? Then see where you have sold yourself short or settled and put an end to it. You deserve love. You deserve to love yourself more.And remember, the ONLY person you need try to control is YOURSELF. No one has you under a spell other than YOU. Do you need another horrible lesson? I'd say not..

Pay attention to those dreams this week! They mean something that you are under a cloud about and not facing during your waking hours. Write them down and try to decipher where you need to heal. Are you for real? We shall see this week. This week we have a FULL moon. Let what needs to end, go. Allow what needs to enter, begin. Make it a good one, make it only what you want and do NOT settle for anything less. Do not look for anyone to truly rescue you, only you can do that. People can help, but only for so long. You are worth the life you desire! If you desire it, then it's waiting on one thing, YOU. TRUST the Universe/God whatever you want to call it, HAS YOUR BACK! Pick your shit up, pick your head up and let's move on beyond the past BS!


"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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