11/4-11/10/2018 Blog

No cards this week. They weren't felt or needed. Instead, I'll choose to write about what is felt and seen.

Have you felt the shi(f)t yet? You've either felt the shift or are still feeling the shit. I could apologize for the poor language but I can't.. I need you to fully get the feeling of this post.

There has been SO much darkness (dark energies) in the air, and this week should see the most before it's over. If you're lucky, you've already been through it and are clear. By energies, I mean what the planets have been doing (astrology) and people.

I highly recommend that you do what you need to do to stay clear of it. Stay clear of others projections, realizing that they only come from other's fears and insecurities.

Use protection, not projection. By protection, I mean do what you have to do to get yourself grounded and safeguarded against the dark energies at play. This isn't a fear post, it's a real post. Take salt baths, throw up your white lights or mirrors to reflect the negative energy back to its original owners. Do not get sucked into any B.S. or drama that doesn't belong to you or even if it does belong to you - get that cleared up. Enough is enough and it will show itself this week. I'm not saying this is a bad week by far. There are some exciting and wonderful things happening also. Just get yourself grounded, cleared and well protected so that you may better experience the good that is in fact coming.

Know that any breakdowns that happen are for your breakthroughs, your growth.

Love is in the air but you have to clear the smog to see it.

Pay attention to red flags and learn from them, they may even be your own.

Everything is energy. What you put out there will boomerang back.

Show up for yourself. No one can do that for you.

Love yourself. It's not anyone else's responsibility.

When you truly show up for you, others have no choice but to show up in the same manner. When you stop settling, what you've settled for in the past will stop showing up. Abstain. Gain your strengths and powers back.

Say no when you mean no.

Say yes when you mean yes.

If anyone thought they've seen truths come out, just wait, it's going to get even stronger. Speak up about what you truly want, about who you truly are. If you're hiding that part of yourself then you are the only one holding yourself back. Do not assume that anyone is going to show up as you do, speak what you expect and if it doesn't fit then cut it loose. If you don't cut it loose then you are only prolonging your time in the settling business. Stop selling yourself short for the sake of other's. That wont ever get you what you desire. I'm serious when I say you best quit settling. Stop making bad decisions and make conscious ones. Meditate, go within, get to know yourself before you get to know anyone else. Your life depends on it (you).

Stop going backwards in your life. Stop chasing shit and go for the real gold. It's out there and it's waiting on you. And last but not least, you're best to get your faith on straight and let go of old fears that have held you back.

You've got this. You're worthy. You always have been. You just need to decide it's TIME. And I'm telling you, NOW is the time. With all that said, please get grounded, protect yourself from any bullshit and have a badass week because you're a badass!

You gotta get lost to get found. What you seek, seeks you. You'll find it in the mirror first.. Get lost in yourself. Get lost in your healing so you can find the real you, the one before any trauma, fears, insecurities and projections happened.

Some of you may find yourselves extremely emotional this week. If you need to cry, don't be afraid to cry. Do NOT be afraid to show emotions! Someone WILL be there to get you through it. Let it go and let life flow!

Love, is the only answer.

Two great songs below to explain some of this if you better connect through music.


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