12/17-12/23/2018 Weekly Tarot-All Signs


Thanks for your patience as I took a much needed break from most social media!

This is actually a great week ahead for all signs!

Think about what you wish for this week, what you wish to create in your life. You are a co-creator here and have the power within to make things happen. You must first stop clinging to the past or past ways that have NOT worked out so well for your forward movement. You MUST let go and completely TRUST that you will be okay in moving towards what your heart truly wants. You have to let go and be open to receive! Abundance and what you want is on the other side of what hasn't been working for you. It is on the other side of your fears. LET GO. You are being asked to take a time out for yourself and really take a look at where you are compared to where you really want to be. Take a look at how you communicate those desires not only to yourself but to others as well. Love yourself a lot more, treat your self with loving kindness. Not only what foods you may ingest but thoughts as well, also what you have been surrounding yourself with or the company you keep. Like will always attract like. Think of yourself as the Genie in the bottle. "Your wish is my command!". Energy goes where the thoughts and emotions flow! The beginning of this week may see a few emotional upheavals but it's nothing you haven't seen before and it's nothing you can't handle, again. The middle to end of the week should have you seeing a major shift for the better. Remember that as one door closes, another always opens. Everything really does happen for a reason even though at that time you may not be able to see the reason. Think back on things that have occurred in your life and you may be able to see why things had to happen the way they did. Hindsight is

20/20. Try to open yourself up so much that you can see the reasons in the moment and not have to wait on the hindsight. If you are open and aware it will be easier to see and understand. What you want, wants you. Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab it! It's waiting for you. Say yes to what you desire and stop blocking it! It is ALL in DIVINE timing. The timing is dependent upon you as well. START ENJOYING AND LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT!

I have a few time slots open for readings the last week of December. Please see the services page for contact info. I am unable to check Skype at this time so please call and leave your full name and a callback number.


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