12/24-12/31/2018 Weekly Tarot-All Signs


2018 has been quite the year, huh? Not quite as trying as the previous eight years but still something for the books. Call it the final chapter if you will.

It's time to close out and finish that story. It's over.

Many of you have been working diligently on yourselves. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. It's been rough and you've made it.

In this final week, I want you to know how truly worthy and loved you are. I hope that by now you have come to this realization on your own.

Everything you have worked so hard for, from your heart, from your past, from your pain, from your knowing, is finally going to pay off for you (if it hasn't already in these last few weeks). Take this last week as a rest if you need. Many of you have been juggling so much. Know that everything is always in Divine timing and it will pay off for you. It's taken strength and patience. Had we no contrast, what would we even know or learn?

It's time to end things that are no longer working or that have never worked for you. Parties will be had but they won't be pity parties. Everyone is moving on and if you've learned anything, onto better things for you. You may be tested one last time in this week. How will you respond? Will you respond at all? The choice is up to you.

I suggest you stay true to you, follow your heart, follow your own intuition, to what feels good and right in your heart. Stay and be heart centered in all you do. Open your heart to be, breathe, give and receive love. It's in the air.

If you are one that is solely driven by your fears, ego and greed, then 2019 isn't going to be so pretty for you and 2020 will see you fall.

This should be a time where you find yourself moving away from all that you never wanted and moving towards all you ever wanted. It's there. It's always been there. It's been waiting on you to let go. Let go of trying to control outcomes. Let go of trying to control others. Realize that the only thing you can and should control is yourself.

Anxiety may be at an all time high this week as well. Deep breathing techniques are the fastest, proven way to relieve this, (Google if necessary). As well as being all up in your feels, as the saying goes. Get all up in your feels. Feel what you want and don't be afraid anymore to go after it. Cry it out if you need, it's going to be okay. You are a Master creator of your life. What do you wish to create in 2019? Is it the same as years gone by? If not, change it. Change is inevitable and if you do not change then things will change to change you. May you all have a very blessed New Year. Thank you for all of your support. You are heard, loved and very much appreciated. I hope we all make it. I pray you all get whatever it is you feel worthy of. I pray you KNOW that you are worthy of the very best. Do not settle. Settle=setback.

LOVE is the ONLY thing that matters. No matter how many times you've felt hurt, I pray your heart remains open. Stop battling yourself and start loving yourself. Stop signing up for the same lessons that keep you small and hurt. Choose better for yourself. YOU matter!

If you are one that is easily triggered then do not watch the first video.


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