2/10-2/17/2019 Weekly Tarot

Deep breaths! This is BIG. There are two realities happening at once right now.

Has anyone felt a shift or felt like they were in an alternate reality lately? Like you know you're here but you were also somewhere else and I'm talking future, not past.

This is happening. You may have heard the term that the veil is thinning? It is and all you can do is go with it. Decipher and flow the best you can right now. It's all you can do. No, you're not crazy..

I'm guided to talk about two realities that are also happening. The past and the now.

If you cannot comprehend what you are reading then it only means one thing and that is that you're not ready to hear it or heal it.

Here it goes...

I'm going to speak on relationships and trauma.

First of all, NO ONE is bad for you and I don't care how bad they treated you. Yes, some people are just assholes but guess what? You chose them. Now, look within and figure that out. Why would you choose anyone in your life that could treat you badly when you deserve the world and the best that it has to offer? I'm going to give you the answer. Your SELF WORTH. If you don't learn it on your own then you will continue to encounter people that treat you poorly until you "get it" and do it!

Haven't you had enough of that yet? No one and nothing material can fill those lofty voids you try to fill. You want the best then you start treating yourself like the best. LOVE YOUR SELF. There is some amazing energy in the air and it's going to continue. February is one hell of a month but in a good way. I'll say it again as I did last week, in that January was a part of a wrap up to the past eight to ten years. It's time to end the bullshit and what no longer serves your highest good.

Love is truly in the air. You WILL be facing your own souls in the eyes of another. What will you do with it this time around? You going to fight it and run or finally face your shit? The key here is to be aware, both parties, whether this is an intimate relationship or friendships. It's here now. You wanna be a runner? Guess what? It'll be a different face with the same fucking issues. You can spend your life running or you can come together and heal the shit together. Again, BOTH parties must be aware and READY. Not everyone you encounter will be ready and that's okay. You move on to the next and the next and the next until you find the one ready to heal with you. No one comes without some form of pain or trauma so good luck to you if you think you're perfect and free from any of that. It's reality. If you're living in a delusional bubble, I truly feel sorry for you because one day that bubble is going to pop and you will not be well..

Look, you ARE the Magician of your life. You co-create your reality with many different things - your thoughts, your feelings, other people, etc.. So, what have you been creating? You've been creating the path to healing but maybe you didn't realize this and projected blame.. And please, do not put anyone on some delusional pedestal. Everyone wears this human suit and when you peel it off you will find it has the layers of an onion and it might just make you cry..

So, this week? Love is here, compassion, patience, empathy is needed, trust, TRUE communication between souls, your soul knows why and what its human suit needs to heal, go deep, go within, get REAL and RAW. The blessing is in the disguise.. Stop covering your wounds and rip the bandages off so they can finally heal. YOU ARE SO WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVE! STOP living in fear and try out faith for once! We are in FATED moments! You're not bad at love, you've been bad at allowing yourself to heal the wounds. The wounds were never yours, they were other's fears and projections. It's time to allow the abundance, love and healing that you've come here for. GO after it with ALL your HEART! If YOU could only realize how beautiful your soul is.. You would stop denying your hearts desires and make them reality. YOU are a beautiful soul. You wanna see the light? Then face the dark..

There are messages in music. Have a listen for clues to this weeks energy. Enjoy.


"This is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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