2/3-2/10/2019 Weekly Tarot


GOODBYE January, HELLO February! I'm calling it that the month of January was still tied to 2018 and the previous 7 years. How did you fair? Did you work through all those skeletons that kept falling out of the closet? Did you put them to their final rest? Let's hope so!

As we welcome February, we have a New Moon in Aquarius! Aquarius is innovative, it is knowing, and with it can come some shocking things - good or bad. Know however, that nothing is bad. Something perceived as bad is there for your good, for your growth. Friendships will start to come more into focus. Who are your friends? Who is in YOUR circle, who has your back and who's back's do you want to have?

We start this week with an ending of sorts. Something needs to end so that what you've been desiring can step forward in your life.

The answers you've been seeking will be and are right in front of you as to what you need to do to start your new beginning. Only you have been blocking them. Most people block things unknowingly and sometimes knowingly out of fear of the unknown. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is a scary place for some.

The cards this week tell a story of suffering, self sabotage, the death of something that has needed to die, your own power and strength that you've yet to tap into, staking your claim, and a message that will be presented to you to change what needs to change to put you on a more fruitful path, also a bit of luck in money or material matters.

What or who has held you back all this time? Do me a favor and go stand in front of a mirror for that answer. It's a hard pill to swallow I know but once you realize your power you will never set yourself up to go back to your old ways.

If you could only see your soul in that mirror and not just your human shell, you would have been treating yourself with so much more LOVE.

Oh yeah, love is definitely in the air also! Loving yourself more, loving other's more, finding love for the beauty of what and whom surrounds you, also falling in love.

Take the time to really fall in love with the beauty of who you have always been underneath that human shell that's been your vehicle and been through a thousand car wrecks and been rebuilt a thousand times over. It's time to give your vehicle a fresh paint job, so pick your favorite color, buff it often and let it shine!

Get yourself back to the beautiful soul you were before traumatic events or other humans screwed you up with their own distorted projections! YOU are still in there, I know you are! Find that soul and let it shine again! Find your little child within, tell that child there's a new you in charge that will never let them down again and will vow to protect them at all cost! The days of self sabotage, settling for lessons and less than you deserve..... ARE OVER. BREAK THE CHAINS THAT YOU HAVE THE KEY TO UNLOCK! IF YOU DON'T LOVE YOU NOW, WHO WILL? IT IS TIME TO BREAK FREE FROM WHAT AND WHOM NO LONGER DESERVES YOU!


Take advantage of this NEW MOON for your NEW BEGINNINGS and plant the seeds of intention towards what you really want!

Two great songs below for what energy this week holds! Shoutout to Bruce Blackman - Writer/Producer Sony/ATV Starbuck Studios for his awesome talents and friendship through Facebook! He's also written a new book so check it out. Moonlight Feels Right is one of my favorite tunes! You can follow him on facebook or at www.bruceblackman.com


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