3/18-3/24/2019 Weekly Tarot All Signs

As many of my Facebook followers know, I had taken some much needed time away from posting the tarot. Thanks for your patience! What do you do for yourself when you need a break? Hopefully you take breaks for your own mind, body, soul.

What a week we have facing us! What a few past weeks actually! Take a deep breath. You most likely deserve it.

First, let me start with the dreams.. Many have been having dreams of their past. This is to show you how far you've come, or rather, what you've kept suppressed out of fear. It's time to face it, heal it and move on from it. You're hopefully not living in your past still. Fear truly is an illusion that we make up in our minds and try to ration with. Stop it. Most of the very things you fear, you've already conquered and but yet cannot see past the fear to realize it. Take a moment and really think on that.

See where you are now compared to where you were. Are you standing in the same place, with the same people and situations or have you changed this? There is your answer. Now, onto the cards!

This week and the past few, thanks to Mercury retrograde, may see the past resurfacing, this is people, places and situations. Ex's always seem to play a big theme here. Do you want to go backwards or forwards in life? Do you still need the lesson? If so, take it on. If not, don't blink an eye as you progress in forward movement! Some people learn faster than others, some slower, and that's okay. You will get to where you desire to be in your own timing/Divine timing. So, if you're a slow learner do not beat yourself up too much. It's okay, you're okay.

We have a VERY potent Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday. Libra represents relationships, harmony, balance and justice - just to name a few.

Where are you in relationship to yourself and with other's? Are you good?

Have you knocked off the need for co-dependency and toxicity or are you still working through that? Whatever you need, will always show up. Mirror, mirror on the wall. What do I need to let fall? You see, with this full moon, something has to give way. Something has to end or stop. Something that no longer serves your heart and where you really want to be in life and or with whom. What and who do you want by your side? There will or needs to be a metaphoric death and rebirth this week. Would you even know what to do with a relationship that was free? One without toxicity or co-dependency? Would you question it? Do you put it in a corner, do you need to pet it or feed and water it every now and then? A healthy relationship doesn't require much anything but LOVE. Love in its truest, divine form and that is freedom to be. Let me tell you this.. If you meet someone and you feel queasy, nervous (maybe mistaking this for "butterflies"), then you are most likely facing your next lesson. Your body will always show up for you and tell you but do you listen or do you ignore? Most mistake it for something else in fairy tale land and ignore the obvious. If and when you feel this, make sure your eyes and ears are wide open. Pay attention, not mistaking red flags for rainbows and unicorn farts. Look, this isn't to say you cannot feel happy with someone. Of course you can.. But it will feel much different when there isn't some past karmic lesson involved. It will feel free and easy. There won't be a ton of questions, a ton of screenshots sent to friend to decipher and so on. It will just BE and you will know it. You have choices this week. You can entertain the past all you want as it sure as shit will show up or you can free yourself from needing the lessons over and over and over. Which path sounds easier?

Like I said earlier, do not beat yourself up if you still need the lessons? We are here to learn and we will always be here learning the ways of this world. However, what you will need to learn and for how long is up to you. There is something beautiful waiting for you this week if you are willing to show up for YOURSELF first and foremost. Yep. the old going within and loving yourself first saying! Which so many cannot stand hearing but it is the truth in its purest, most loving form. When was the last time you stopped the bullshit to really show up for what your heart desires? The time is NOW because just like fear - time is an illusion. Right this minute is all that exist. Are you ready? Let's do the damn thing! Life is magic! You're the one that says which rabbit you want to pull from the hat! YOU are the magician of your life. What you give to yourself is what you will get back from other's. Get up, stretch and take a deep breath! There's a really great life waiting for you to say YES to! Stop with the fear and start with FAITH. YOU ARE WORTHY AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! Life begins when you get sick of your own bullshit and the bullshit that other's have projected onto you. You're not the keeper of other's shit... Let it go and let your life begin to flow. You're beautiful! See the songs if you're one that better connects through music for some good descriptives of this week.


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