5-1-2018 Tarot - Nine of Pentacles

Stop what you're doing and look around you. Of all that surrounds you, how much gratitude do you have for it and show it? We oftentimes take what all we have for granted. Take time to smell the roses! This card is an indication that abundance has or is on its way to you. All of this hard work you're doing? It's about to pay off. Don't lose faith, mostly in yourself. You will be okay. Your proverbial ship is about to come in. So continue holding gratitude for all you have, more will find its way to you like a magnet. If you haven't yet, it's time to retrain your brain from lack to abundance thinking. I know many of you are exhausted but do not give up just yet. It's all about to pay off, if you've been real honest with yourself and who you are. Continue working on you. Be a better human being than you were yesterday.

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