5-10-2018 Tarot - Eight of Swords

This cards tells that you have been holding yourself back. Think of the ways you may have been doing this to yourself. What have you allowed to hinder you? Your fears? Not speaking up in your truth? Not going after what you really want? Fear is the number one reason for holding yourself back but what deeper reasons caused this fear? The deeper reasons are what you need to bring to the surface for healing so that you may finally free yourself from limitations. You may feel like the picture on this card but you CAN free yourself. This card tells of your thoughts as well and how fast things that you want can be destroyed by a simple fearful thought. Take note today of how you speak to yourself and others. Do you use optimistic thinking/words, or negative thinking/words? No one can shut down a desire as fast as yourself. Keep a journal with you on this day and take notes of the thoughts and words that you actually say and see for yourself how many times you may be hurting yourself with your own thoughts and words. You may be amazed at the results. It's time to change and free yourself towards that which you really do desire. Life is too short to keep yourself bound by old fears, projections of others, and self destruction. Go be YOU. Unafraid. You will be okay. If you're not honoring yourself then how can others honor you?


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