5-11-2018 Tarot - Four of Pentacles

This card is asking you to take a look at how tightly you hold onto things. This could be others words and projections, things that do not serve you well like old patterns, thoughts that are destructive to you or others, a relationship that may have run its course that needs to end, friends that are one sided friendships, the past, etc. Whatever needs to end, will, no matter how tightly you hold on, it is still inevitable at some point. Let go and allow God/Universe to deliver to you something greater. New cannot come in if you are holding onto what was that is not serving you to be who or where you really want to be. Many times we may ask that new come in but when it does we aren't even sure how to accept it-to allow to be given to. Open up, become vulnerable and you will receive at a faster pace. It is an art to be able to get yourself in a place of receiving without feeling any guilt. To receive does not mean that you are helpless. You deserve all that you wish to have and it will come as soon as you learn to receive it. Self love is needed here and knowing that you are indeed worthy no matter how anyone else may have made you feel or think. It is time to start a new chapter in YOUR life. Write your own script. This is your book of life. If something or someone is meant to be in your life and stay, it will flow effortlessly, you won't have to have white knuckles to keep it. Instead of thinking of all you could lose by letting go, think instead of how much you could gain. Let go and allow life to flow.


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