5-15-2018 Tarot - Seven of Cups

You may feel stuck. There could be a decision that you need to make. This card is asking you to take some form of action. Do not just sit there in some illusion, action is required of you. Take that first step toward your goals. A step is necessary of you. Nothing changes if you don't change. Do not allow fear to overcome you at this time. Major changes are coming and you need to be somewhat ready to face whatever this is. Use you intuition to guide you best, do not second guess yourself. Your intuition does not lead you astray, but your questioning or ignoring of it will. Faith over fear here. You must rid of all that no longer serves you in order to see a difference in your life and that of where you really wish to be. Do not be afraid to make these changes that have been waiting on you. Your ego actually wants to keep you small, your soul want to see you soar. You get to choose which one you will follow.

Something has to give here and that something resides within you.

We have a new moon in Taurus today, allow the new beginnings to take place. Also, Uranus enters Taurus today. Allow the change to come in and create a brand new you.


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