5-16-2018 Tarot - Knight of Pentacles

A wise person once said, "F this", and lived happily ever after! Yes, you read that right. What are you sick of settling for, where have you sold yourself short? More is coming and it's good but you have to stop settling for less than you are worth and less than you desire. It's time to put your foot down and stand up for you. It's time to start living your life and making yourself happy for once. You know the saying on the airplane, "put your mask on first" or you are no good for others. You are no good for others when you're dead inside either! Also, rest does one no good when it is the soul that is tired. Rest and rejuvenate your soul at this time. Know your worth and stand in it! What you truly desire cannot show up when you keep selling yourself short. This is your life. What do you really want it to look like? Start there and make the necessary changes to get the process moving at least. Change is coming in fast. Will you be ready for what you say you always wanted? Don't let new opportunities pass you by because you choose to stay stuck in your past ways. It is time for what you want. It is time for that ship to come in, but do you have somewhere for it to dock? Open your heart, let go of the past, it no longer serves you. Or does it? This is your choice. Make it a good one. You were always worthy!


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