5-18-2018 Tarot - The Emperor

Hard work pays off. Keep going. Only you are truly in control of you. If you want stability, create it - start within. If you want a great partner, become a great partner. Become an expert at be-ing you. This is a card of strength and if you are reading this, you ARE strong. After all, you ARE still here. If you are looking for or starting a brand new relationship, this card shows that it will be very grounded and stable, something you may have always desired but have yet to see. Some things that seem too good to be true really are true, not all is an illusion or the deception that you may have been used to. This may also be the type of partner that you will attract, someone of authority that is grounded and has their mess together.

As for any existing relationships, you will be going to a deeper level of understanding one another. In regards to seeking advice, this is a yes! New, lasting and stable things will be coming into your life at this time. Will you be ready for them? Nothing that was, will continue to be the same - those people or things that have not served you well. Change is coming, it is good and it is time. Your hopes, wishes and dreams really can come true. It may be you that makes them all happen or it may be with the help of "The Emperor" type. Either way, the new path will be lit for you. You, are your ultimate creator so watch your thoughts. If you notice any negative self talk, immediately replace it with something positive. There is always something to be grateful for. Always in all ways. Be blessed! You are WORTHY.


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