5-2-2018 Tarot - Queen of Pentacles

Look, times are changing and they are coming in so fast it'll make your head spin. If you cannot seem to find the answers, sit still with yourself and ask God/Universe to deliver them but you had better be paying attention as they arrive for you. You WILL have to take a leap of faith even if you think in that leap you may fall. You're not going to fall. You are fully supported when your faith is in the right place and that all starts with YOU. Sometimes you just gotta JUMP. YOU are supported, protected, and greater things are waiting for YOU as soon as you say yes and damn well mean it. Change can be frightening and endings can be sad but what's waiting for you is SO much better than maybe you even imagined. Take the leap into YOURSELF. It's GO time! Things, people, even places may need to go so that you can go where you were always meant to be. Fear has been the only thing slowing you down. No one will fight for your worth like you. You have the power, you never lost it, but you may have lost you. It's time to get you back. It's time to thrive and shine. You're totally worth that to yourself!

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