5-21-2018 Tarot - Three of Pentacles

It's time to master the art of YOU. To better your craft. To become successful you must master the art of yourself. What can you do to better yourself in any area of your life whether in your career, relationships, or the relationship that you have with yourself? Are you good to you? How is your self talk? Is it negative or positive? Something has to change if you want your life to change. No one said life was going to be free of issues but you can navigate in a way that can make it flow a little easier. Is there something new that you could learn? Something to master you? The answer is and should always be, yes. Think personal growth, have an open mind to learning. There are three stages in life. Birth-living-death. How good are you in this middle phase? Make it the best you can. This is your life.

Many are going through some tough times right now. For every ending there is a new beginning. Material loss hurts but know that it is opening you up for a greater lesson, and for something greater to take its place. Sometimes it has to all burn down to make you move. Think of it as life putting a fire under your feet literally to get you out of the stagnancy that you may have settled into. Sometimes we do not appreciate all that we do have and things are taken to make you have an even greater appreciation when it shows itself again, and it will show again. We are given many chances but do you appreciate them and take them? Show life that you are willing to do whatever it takes to show up. The only constant in life is change. You can resist it but it will be harder on you if you choose that route. Know that everything has its season and its reason. Know that life is a journey. Know that you are a co-creator in your world. What do you want to create? Master it and go after it. You, are worth it.


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