5-23-2018 Tarot - Nine of Cups

If you don't believe then how can you receive? You have to drop the fears and believe. You will receive that which you desire when you believe in your readiness. Fear is an illusion. False evidence appearing real. The mind can do terrible things when you get stuck there. Stay with your heart in what you desire. Feel it's very existence whether it is here yet or not. Feel what isn't real yet. When we think a good thought, it feels good right? Hold that space for a few minutes daily. You have to keep going. You have to hold onto the dream in your heart and not let anything or anyone discourage you. Do you support others in their dreams as well. Being supportive and not dismissive of others helps you to manifest quicker that which you desire. This card is a yes. It's coming, but it really depends on you. If you are going to pay for anything then pay attention. Pay attention to your thoughts. Are they negative or positive. Any time you notice a negative thought then immediately cancel it out with a positive one. Things come when God/Universe/Spirit knows we are ready to handle them. No time sooner, no time later. Think back at some things you once wish you had but didn't receive and in hindsight are now grateful that you didn't. There is a Divine timing for everything in your life. No matter what it is. If you can get really aware within, you will be able to look back at everything and its timing and see why and when it happened and its Divine timing. We are always where we are supposed to be. Until we're not. Know that you are in fact worthy. Know that it is coming. Know that it will show up right on time. Know that you must not stop believing. Do not get discouraged by another illusion called time. Man made time. This timing does not exist in the realm of Spirit. The human suit is just impatient. Instant gratification and things we didn't have to work for aren't always good and they don't always last. Your desires are about to manifest. You just need to say yes, I'm ready, and truly be ready. You can't be ready if it's for the wrong reasons and you know what they are. Make sure what you want is pure, not for ego's sake. Make sure it's from your heart. Lose the dead weight in your life that is holding you back no matter what or whom that may be. Don't lose you, don't lose your faith in YOU. Don't lose that wish!

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