5-25-2018 Tarot - Knight of Pentacles

If you work hard then you can play hard. This card is asking you to put in the necessary work that you know you need to do. There is no slack here. There is no giving up here. Good things don't come from doing nothing, you must take some form of action for the reality that you wish for. If there is a will there is a way and if you want it bad enough you will figure that out and stop at nothing until you do. Life is short, go after what you really want. Not what others think you should have or do. This is YOUR life. Go be happy living it. Follow what brings you joy and the payoff will take care of itself. Your hard work will pay off. You will see the results no matter what that work looks like for you. This could be internal or external work that has to be applied but it has to be applied. This could be a relationship (with yourself) that you will work harder for or in a partnership together for. Whatever it is, the results will pay off for you. Good things are coming. Hold onto your faith, do the work and don't ever stop believing in yourself. You are worth the life you wish to live. Make it count for you. When you're good, you're better for others. Ditch what hasn't worked for you. Time to start something new, for you. Don't allow life to knock you down. Get up and fight for you! How hungry are you for your own life? Life is full of enemies, don't become your own... Don't expect anyone to fight for your life like only you can.


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