5-28-2018 Tarot - Strength

It takes a lot of strength to be of this human suit. No one ever said it would be easy. Yet, no one ever said it had to be that hard either. We tend to put a lot upon ourselves that just isn't necessary at times. Worry, fear, etc.. We tend to believe how others see and treat us. We tend to take on others projections that never belonged to us. To be strong means to stand in your worth, to love yourself first above all things. It takes strength to know you are worthy and not look to any outside sources for proof. You are already whole within. Outward things can make you feel good but they don't last unless you feel complete within. No one and no thing can or should complete you, it or they should only be in compliment to you. How you feel within will show up all around you. Read those two last sentences again.

Showing your strength doesn't mean you have to put up a fight with anyone except yourself. It is an inner knowing. Stand up for you and what you want. Don't settle for anything less. When you settle you have not only let yourself down but others as well because you are not being true. Gather up your strength and show yourself some love like only you can do. It's about time someone loved you and that someone is you. Take care, of you. You are here for a reason. Go be that reason. Tell the enemy within to shut up.


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