5-29-2018 Tarot - Ten of Pentacles

Happy full moon in Sagittarius! Today is your new beginning as you release that which no longer serves you. You want wealth, love, health, etc.? Look within and start there. How do you feel? Do you feel worthy of all that you desire? You are. You always were. Whatever you want will show up as soon as you show up. Write out intentions today of all that you wish for. Feel it in your bones. Feel good about it and stay in complete faith that it is working its way to you. It is already here waiting on you. So many times people self sabotage and don't realize they are blocking themselves from those wishes. The true treasure chest lies within you. Do you believe the good thoughts you have when you have them or do you dismiss them immediately with a thought of lack or fear that it won't show up? Pay attention to your thoughts today and how you feel with each one. Treat yourself a lot better. You, are worthy. Get rid of the junk in your trunk and let it be filled with things that are beneficial to you. Watch the video below.


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