5-3-2018 Tarot - Justice

Stay in your light as some dark truths and dark forces are still coming out from the recent Scorpio full moon of April 29th. Stay in your lane as they say. You can handle whatever is trying to be thrown at you from darkness. We are the dark and the light, but you need to fight battles with your light, not more darkness. The full moon is shining its light in full as to what this residual darkness is that is still in your life. Trust your gut instincts as to who, what, or where this is at play. Justice will soon be served to those trying to throw shade. Worrying about yourself and how you handle yourself through this is most important at this time. If you are standing in your light with true faith, darkness will not be able to knock you down. This isn't a time to lay down, it's a time to fight for your rights, using your light. Blind with your light. You need not engage the darkness of others any longer. Shine on! YOU'VE GOT THIS.

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