5-30-2018 Tarot - Knight of Swords

This card is asking you to really step up into yourself. No one will fight you, your worth or your desires like only you can. What do you want that hasn't showed up, where might you have settled and blocked it or prolonged its way to you along your path? You're being asked to be more confident in yourself, hopes, wishes and dreams. Where have you sold yourself short in that? You need to be aggressive but only with yourself. If others are not showing up as you wish, see if you have been showing up for your true desires. Don't be the bully but also do not be bullied by others. Better yourself and what you really want has a better chance at showing up faster. Only you can prolong your path. No path is the wrong path as we all have our lessons to grow through but the faster you show up authentically, the lessor the lessons. Fight for you. Be more aware of your actions and reactions. Stop settling and setting yourself up for disappointments. Expectations are the root of all heartache when you're not showing up for yourself in what you really want and have settled for less. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. It may be time to move on from something unsatisfying. Whether that is another person, a situation that has run its course or old habits within that no longer serves your highest good. You show people how you will be allowed to be treated. How are you showing others how you show up for yourself? If you cannot show up for yourself nor can anyone else. You are worth more. Go after it. Now is the time.


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