5-31-2018 Tarot-The Lovers

It seems you will have a choice to make very soon if not already. This could be between two lovers, two situations, or to go to a deeper soul level within the existing relationship or to end one all together that has not been fulfilling. Relationships are meant to heal the wounds of our past, not dig those wounds deeper. If you're not healing one another then you're further hurting one another. Something has to change. There is a bit of boredom in an existing relationship and it's time to amp it up or lose it. Don't be afraid to use your voice to express your needs. Communication and trust are the keys to success. If you don't trust the partnership then what is there to be had? If you are not communicating then how will you know the truth? Your right partner will comply and want to make it better with you.

If you are currently single, expect that a new relationship is on the horizon but please, please do not settle for any less than what your heart really desires. It is out there if you stand your ground and wait. When you stop settling, you cannot imagine how much easier all relationships become. Some have to be walked away from but others will come in to fill that space. It is time to release anything that has been toxic to you or if you have been found to be the toxic one - it is time to correct that within. What you are, the level you are on within, how you feel about you, how you show your worth, is what will be mirrored back to you. How do you really feel about yourself? Are you kind and loving to yourself? Do you pamper yourself the way you wish to be pampered? Are you trying too hard for something that is just not working? If it's not in flow, LET IT GO. If you are in a relationship that is anything but loving, name calling-shaming-blaming, you are in a lesson relationship trying to heal old traumas, this is dysfunctional love, it is not truly, healthy love. No one should make you feel less than nor should you make the other feel that way. What have you been allowing? Relationships are meant to compliment you, not complete you. Be ready, be healed, be whole. You were never half a being. You were just made to feel that way. Love-YOU.

It's time to have what you really want isn't it, not more of what you don't want?

What you want will show up when you show up for yourself. Do you love your way, everyday?

YOU have always been worthy of it.

Hope you enjoy the videos. Apply the song to your self.


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