5-4-2018 Tarot - Judgement

Another tough day on the agenda for some of you. Remember to stay in your lane. If you're going to judge another, make sure you are in fact perfect first. Everyone is on their own path with their own lessons. Worry about yours. Don't allow those in judgement of you to rattle your cage either. Only you are in charge of your emotions unless you decide to hand over that control. Breathe it out today instead of lashing out. Being angry is your own poison pill. Stay in your light and do NOT allow dark forces at play to dim you! Just be a good human. No one said it would be easy in these flesh prisons we wear. You are your own manual so, write your script. If you could look back at a book of your life, what would you want it to say? How do you want others to remember you? Do YOU live honestly? Those choosing shade will soon be judged and falling from their high horses. It's a long way down to fall and it will hurt. Don't let it be you..


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