5-8-2018 Tarot - The Hermit

This card may find you in a reflective mood today. You're being asked to go within, as this is where the true answers reside. There are big, possibly shocking, sudden changes coming (some are already being tested with these changes), where you will be put to the test. How you react is going to be key. Get quiet within yourself, ask Spirit, God, or your higher calling to your liking to present you with the answers you need and be proactive upon them. Life is about to change for many in major ways. All change is good even if at the time we may not feel so good about it. Everything happens for a reason and in Divine timing to get you to the next place/phase in life that you may not have otherwise put yourself in had the unexpected changes not occurred. Go within, think smart. Take leaps of faith and do not allow fear to overcome you. You're always right where you're supposed to be, until you're not. Do not forget to breathe.


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