6-1-2018 Tarot - Ten of Swords

Feeling that all is lost? Many of you are. Know that it is never as bad as you imagine. Someone, somewhere, has it worse. One thing to help lift you up when you are down is doing something to help another. Build another up and you too shall rise. Another is to do anything in contrast from where you currently are. Do something, anything that brings you some joy. It could be as simple as getting out of your current environment and taking a simple walk in nature. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get moving. You have to move your energy to get yourself unstuck. Crap happens. Now it's time to move on from it.

There could be a person that you feel has literally stabbed you in the back. Know that it had to happen to get you where you need to be. Not everyone is meant to journey with you on the path that awaits you. Let them go and let life flow. Keep on moving on. Trust that you are being taken exactly where you are meant to be and with whom.

There is only one place to go when you feel you've hit rock bottom and that is your mind to tell it that there is no bottom. You can lay there of course and roll from side to side but how long do you want to participate in that as only you can prolong your path?

There is always something to be grateful for. STOP whatever you are doing right now! State ten things you ARE grateful for right now. The more you are grateful, the more can show up for you to hold gratitude for. Now, get up, do SOMETHING, and get your energy moving.

Things are taken away so that new space is created for something even better. Faith>fear. See video below if you are feeling stuck or lost. Hope it helps.


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