6-11-2018 Tarot - Queen of Wands

This card brings with it a lot of hope. If you don't have the fire of hope in your soul then what have you got left? There is a saying, "It's too good to be true", that many people will automatically believe that it really is too good to be true and ruin a good thing. Don't ruin this good thing that has or is about to enter your life. It IS good and it IS real and true. Go with it! Open mind, heart and arms. Wide open. Go with what life brings you without injecting it with your negativity. That negativity comes from old conditioning. As always, follow your intuition, but do you know the difference between your intuition or your mind taking over? The mind is a funny thing... Don't allow the past to take it over and ruin what is new and exciting. When something is absolutely good and right, there are no questions. Your gut intuition knows best and it will speak to your mind when something is wrong and it will pick something apart and shred it to pieces. However, old hurts, old conditioning, fears, low or no self worth can have you doing the same. Be careful and pay attention to what you feel and what is really true. Make certain that old ways are not trying to play tricks on you and sabotage a GOOD thing. You ARE worthy of good things happening for you. It doesn't just have to happen all around you for others to only enjoy. If you have a yes or no question, this card is a YES, go for it. You are stronger than you may realize. You are more worthy than you may realize. You are more loved than you may realize. Follow your intuition, not your old limiting patterns. Do you know how to receive? Do you resist good things?


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