6-14-2018 Tarot - Two of Swords

Today's card may find you teetering back and forth over a decision you have to make. This scenario depends on the person. It could be a relationship, a work situation, maybe you need to take the blinders off and see some red flags somewhere that you've been ignoring. They could be your own. The mind and emotions are in a mix coming off of yesterday's new moon (Read yesterday's card for more info on that). Don't sit in your mind too long, take the blinders off and make that decision. Follow what you truly feel is right for you. Listen to your gut/intuition, over the spinning of your mind. The mind can be a dangerous place to sit in for too long, hindering the decisions you need to go ahead and make. Life is to be lived, no decision is a bad decision. It's time to make one and you will know what that is about. Maybe you need to finally take a stand for YOU in your worth. Do not settle in life, it is way too short.

Try to get centered with yourself and quiet the mind so you can hear/sense what your intuition is telling you. Deep down you know the truth. The answers lie within. Make that decision for yourself today. And don't forget to keep those thoughts/feelings positive! Negative thinking is an energy drain not only for you but everyone around you. Keep your arms and heart wide open as being closed off gets you nowhere but stuck.


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