6-18-2018 Tarot - The Hermit

Well, that was a Hell of a ride over the weekend, huh? How many of you felt like you were on a rollercoaster of emotions? Sad, happy, angry? Up and down in the emotions was the theme. This card suggests that you take a step back and figure out the deeper meaning to all the emotions that were bubbling up. For some this has been occurring, and others it hit hard this weekend. What is left unresolved? Do you need to find forgiveness within? How well have you been treating yourself, how well have you been showing up for you, how well do you treat others and show up for them? Is there a situation that maybe you need to stay in your own lane about? Life cannot change until you do. What is worn out that needs a change of pace in your life? Take the time out you need to figure this out. The answers I feel deep down you already know but you may stay stuck in fear like a deer in headlights. This card wants you to take the time, get angry, mad, sad and figure it out. You cannot get rid of any emotion until you face it and process it. What does your ego and your mind do to you, how does it make you feel? Have you ever felt superior? Do you need a reality check? Are things really as bad as you have imagined? Do things ever happen the way you think they will? If you think you are better than anyone else, you will have a Hell of a reality check coming. If you are unhappy about anything, ask yourself what you have created or what situation you have landed yourself in because you most likely landed there from a place of fear. Is it what you really want? Are you really happy? Life is to be lived, it is too short to live it unhappy. Do you have joy or do you have chaos? Are you aware in the present moment or does your mind take you away to places in fear that most likely don't exist yet? Think about the thoughts that have bubbled up and how you feel about them. Have a good talk with yourself. Treat yourself better. Who are you on a deeper level? ARE YOU HAPPY? See the video below for more on this. There is nothing lacking in your life other than your PRESENCE in the present moment. Life isn't perfect, people are not perfect but it can all be perfected.


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