6-19-2018 Tarot - Justice

Oh boy, here we go! You will find the cards may be repeated yet have a different energy depending on the day. Today is one of those days!

You may find yourself dealing with darkness, whether it's your own or someone else trying to throw their shade on you in deflection. Best thing to do if it's from someone else? Walk away. However, deflection works both ways. There are many ways it is used. Make sure it's good for you.

Never interrupt the enemy while they are busy destroying themselves. NEVER! Instead, see their apparent weakness for what it is, a WEAKNESS. I hate the saying, "haters gonna hate", but today it may be true. The thing is, who or what do they really hate? When they point one finger, how many point back to them? Don't sweat it if you find yourself in this situation. It is NOT worth your time and energy. Walk away. You have something someone wants, whether they can see that reality or not. Have compassion, quietly, for these types as their own lives must be miserable.. Justice, is a knowing. A knowing that you are in peace no matter what is thrown at you. Justice is knowing that you are well protected by Spirit when you give the situation over to them. Justice is trusting that as long as you are doing the right thing, right things will happen for you. Don't worry your pretty head about others and what they may think or say. You know the truth and the truth always prevails. ALL WAYS - ALWAYS.

Okay now, what if it's your own darkness and you're the one trying to throw shade? Ask yourself why you feel the need to do this? What part(s) of you are you trying to keep hidden in that dark place? Truth is like light, there will eventually be a crack in that dark space and the light will be seen through it. Be careful what you say about and to others. It says way more about you than anyone you are trying to ruin.. REREAD those last two sentences.

Get to the root of any fears, trauma or insecurities you may have and get it corrected once and for all so that you can live the happy life that you try to steal away from others. In other words, leave people alone and work on you.

Do you over compensate to be seen as valid/significant only leading yourself to disappointment from the expectations your ego had in giving? True justice is fixing all that. Justice is knowing you have won the battle from the past, past lives or it may be from generations of projections.

Go work on you.

Get all of this straightened out so that you are not teaching another generation the same old b.s.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result, and it's true. Are you crazy yet? Maybe so...

You want things to change? Then change you! JUSTICE will be served either way. Make sure it's not YOU.

Don't allow anyone to bring you down, and don't bring yourself down.

If someone is doing this to you, it really has nothing to do with you. Just OBSERVE.

If it is you. OBSERVE.

People lie for approval, to feel JUSTIFIED in their own fears.

Justice is being able to walk away from that behavior whether within or from others.

Are you a toxic person or are you dealing with someone toxic?


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