6-20-2018 Tarot - The Magician

Do you think magical things when you hear the word magician? Let's talk about illusions and delusions. There is A LOT of funky energy in the air as of NOW. Do you get sucked into others illusions/delusions? Are you in one yourself? Petty and fake are two words I've been hearing from Spirit for two days now. Ever since good old planet Neptune stationed to go retrograde. It is time to take off the rose-colored glasses. Do you believe all you hear and see immediately or do you go straight to the source and find you the truth for yourself? Are you the one spewing falseness? Whichever the case, exposure is coming. Be aware, be awake, be present.

These energies are tough right now. We are also in square energy creating shock and surprises, anger, sadness, you name it, it's there! Watch your words, watch your own back and stay in your own lane as they say. If something is told to you or bothering you, I suggest you go straight to the source and figure out truths for yourself, or, you can just believe whatever you're told under the veil of illusions. You are also the magician, you get to create your life, co-create, however you like. Make sure it is in authenticity. Be pure of heart, mind, body and soul. Everything and anything else at this time will not be acceptable. If you choose not to believe, you will soon see. Make your own life, make your own judgments but make sure it's done from heart space, not head space. The ego is a nasty thing at times. Are you sucked into yours or others? It's time for a reality check... Is this life nothing more than an illusion after all? You get to make that decision. Follow your own intuition at this time in regards to people, not from the mouth of another. And just like that, POOF, gone. If things or people are playing a disappearing act at this time, let them. The universe always has your back and most likely has a better judgment then you. Take off the colored glasses. When people show you who they are, BELIEVE them. How are you showing up in your human suit? Do you control your surroundings or have you handed this control over to others? It's time to take a hard look at this. This is a very fearful time however fear is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL... Is life really easier living in the lie? Are you being deceptive or are you being deceived? Truths are coming out, however make sure they're true.


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