6-21-2018 Tarot - Queen of Wands

If you are intent on worrying what others think, you're going to fail. If you are dwelling in the past, you'll never progress forward. Set that mess on fire (not literally) and move on! The strength you may need resides within. You already possess what you need to get where you desire to go, you just have to find it within and say YES to it. Do not allow anyone else's negativity or fears to hold you back. Don't allow your own. You have the power to shut down your own mental chatter. Get quiet with yourself and figure out just who you are and what it is you really want as the strike of gold you seek is already within. Do not engage in any drama that may surround you. It's NOT worth your energy. Your time and energy is precious! Cherish YOU! YOU have the strength and will to achieve what you want! So many people are feeling lost or getting lost in others drama at this time, don't swallow that fear pill! It is a time for introspection but from a place of faith not fear. Have a little faith in yourself! Do not be afraid to step out and be yourself. Do not be afraid what others may think or say. This is your path, no one else's to understand and if they can't understand yours then they aren't understanding their own! YOU are not powerless, YOU are powerFULL! You've been down a hell of a road already, right? It's time to take a new path. Enough of what you don't want and a lot of what you DO want should be your new focus. Release, rest, and restore your inner being! It's time to come alive! That fire under your ass or in your belly is there for a reason. Act on it! All fires are not bad. Know the ones that need to be put out and know the ones that you need to add more wood to.

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

If you gotta fight, then fight for what you want and know when to walk away from what you don't.

What you focus on expands.

Where is your focus?

Energy goes where the thought flows!

Are you being true to YOU?

Which do you validate more, what you want or what you don't want?


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