6-25-2018 Tarot - The Devil

This card comes as a warning for you. You are dealing with an energy, person, situation or your own darkness at this time. SOMETHING or SOMEONE is TOXIC. Not ALL that say they're in your corner are. Maybe you are not in your own at this time.

If dealing with your own, don't fear it rather learn to embrace it. Everyone, I will bet to say has been dealing with things they thought were long in the past but has resurfaced. Face whatever is coming up for you to get it resolved in some way within. Remember in this, that you are very much loved and here on purpose for a purpose.

Reach out if you need help!

If you find that you are dealing with this from another or situation, KNOW your worth and at best walk away. People learn how to treat you by what you allow. Enough is enough! When someone shows you who they are, believe them! Do not stay stuck in some delusion that it or they are fine or that you can change them in any way. If someone truly wants to change their ways then they have to be responsible for taking that action, there is nothing you can do. Change does not come by force, it comes by will!

There is some form of deception going on either within yourself or from another. Pay attention to your gut instincts here. Listen and feel them through and do NOT second guess, for that is where you mess up your inner knowing.

The energy has been very heavy to say the least. Do YOU boo! Focus on YOU and what you can do to better YOU or your situation. If something is no longer serving your highest good, it will be shown. It's up to YOU to make a change. Make a change to better YOU and what is good for you. Make sure your circle is tight and trustworthy. Drop what isn't.

Someone is going to angry this week! Watch your words and make sure they serve you best. Stand your ground in your worthiness. Get yourself grounded, something or someone is sure to get ugly, make sure it isn't you! Treat yourself as you wish others to treat you, LEAD the way! If something or someone does NOT feel right, trust it! See videos below for more help.


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