6-27-2018 Tarot - Wheel of Fortune

Look, THIS is where FATE happens! It could be as simple as a decision you make but it is coming and it is coming as fast as the blink of an eye! BOOM, and just like that, everything looks and is different!

Fated events, people and things are coming in now and you will HAVE to make a change somewhere. Some of these fated events may not seem so good but you know the old saying, as one door closes another opens! Well, LET THAT DOOR CLOSE so that you can be present when the new one is presented to you!

Some things could very well feel like a loss but trust that what is coming is SO much better and the loss had to happen (I am not speaking of loss in any physical deaths here).

Things will always fall to the wayside eventually that no longer serve you. LET THEM!

This is a change of events coming. A wave of good luck or bad luck is coming your way and it will be important to let go and embrace the change. Realize what is truly important about your life and that material things are fleeting, they come and go.

Stay true to your heart and come from your heart, not your ego at this time. Stay positive! Monitor yourself for one day and see how you think to yourself. Is it positive or negative thoughts? Your world leans towards the way you think and feel. SO make it good! Act right, and do good! Treat yourself good! YOU are WORTHY of all good things aren't you? YES you are! So act like you are! Even if the Wheel of Fortune brings bad news, you’re encouraged to embrace the upcoming changes because they will be better for you in the long run. Think BETTER through this! You've got this! POWERFUL video below!


The Biggest Missing Piece

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