6-29-2018 Tarot - Five of Cups

A lot of you may be feeling some disappointments here of late but where does this disappointment really come from? Could it be from you and your false and unrealistic expectations? Unrealistic expectations set you up for failure in some area of your life. You will need to take a step back and really look deep within where you have let yourself down. If you expect others to be exactly like you or behave and think like you then you have set yourself up. You cannot just expect something. Things must be communicated properly to be in agreement. I'm going to also say this; if you are sick of people that you think take so much from you, ask why you overcompensated and allowed this? It is one thing to be nice, being nice doesn't make you mad or drain you especially when you are giving solely from your heart and not the ego. However, if you are feeling drained and taken advantage of then see where and why you overcompensated to the point of feeling pissed off or drained. Many that overcompensate don't even realize they are doing it. Are you doing it to be seen, loved and valued as significant? No? Think again. Go deep within and see for yourself.. Take better care of YOU, see yourself as significant and you won't need so much outward attention and approval and then feeling disappointed when you aren't getting in return what you put out there. You were born on purpose, with a purpose and that purpose wasn't that you see yourself as insignificant. You were born a worthy soul. Who tore you down so much in your years here that you believed that to be your fate? Realize your worth and stop letting yourself down now.

By definition, an expectation is “a strong belief that something will happen or will be the case in the future; a belief that someone will or should achieve something.”

But I ask you, what do YOU want and also are you carrying the weight of others projected expectations? YOU are perfectly fine and right where your soul needs to be in this moment for whatever lesson it may have needed but if you're tired of the lesson then something has to change and that something is something within YOU.

YOU ARE A WORTHY BEING SO ACT LIKE IT AND START ENJOYING YOUR LIFE FOR YOU. Let the past GO and start LIVING healthy of mind, body and soul. It is time to break the old molds and start anew! Hold gratitude for all lessons learned and know that you do NOT have to keep repeating them! If you are still here then not all is lost! And last but not least, stop trying to control others and control yourself. Stop allowing others to control the way you feel and check in with yourself how you may be disappointing yourself in this area. It is not anyone else's job to make you feel loved, it is YOURS.


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