6-4-2018 Tarot - Four of Wands

This is a great card today! We've all needed some good news, right? What is it you really want? You can have it. Do you allow your fears to stop your thoughts of what you want, to stop the good feelings you had of those desires? You want all the goodness that is waiting on you? Then you not only have to trust in the Universe, you also have to trust in the YOUniverse. You are a co-creator in your life. When you envision and feel what you want and it feels good, do you stay in that space or do you allow fears to take over and ruin it for you? Do you allow others fears and projections to ruin it for you? Believe in what you want, stay in that space and you will see it come to fruition. Surrender the fear and hold onto the faith. Are you happy now? You need to be happy in your KNOWing. Knowing that no matter the current circumstances you can change your reality. There is no timing in the universe other than Divine timing, not our impatient man-made timing. Everything will unfold for you when you KNOW you deserve the desire and of course you deserve it because you are worthy of what you want. DO you have more faith in your fear than your faith? Write down your fears and see how insane they may be. Rewire your thoughts now, to what you want. Stop thinking of what you don't want. Be in the NOW, the journey to what you want, the good feelings and thoughts and let go of outcomes and you will start seeing things show up. Accept that what is for your highest good is here and or on its way now. Some things take longer than we expect but know that the Universe and the YOUniverse all has a Divine order of timing. Be present in the moment, be grateful for what shows up and allow that what is is what needs to be at this moment to get to the next space. Are you stressed or are you blessed? Which one of those mindsets do you live with? Let go and allow life to flow. There is a power far greater than us but you do play a part in your reality. The Universe/YOUniverse gives you what you focus on. STOP saying no, this or that can't work out for me because of this or that and start saying YES IT CAN AND WILL! The YOUniverse is always working in your favor of what YOU focus upon.


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