6-5-2018 Tarot - Five of Cups

Look, life happens, good and bad, when you fall you pick yourself back up. It's the only way left from the fallen place.. Are you stuck in negative thinking, the past, bitterness, projections from others, low self worth even? Only you can change you and your reality by picking yourself up, brushing the crap off and staring new. If you allow it, your new life can begin today. You, are the only one that controls your mind and emotions. Or, does everything and everyone else? Who is in charge of you? I hope you said it was you. If what you want is not showing up there are reasons. Either the Universe knows better than your YOUniverse or your own negative thinking is slowing its progression of things to you. How is your self talk? Do you wish for something but then say why it won't or can't happen yet, now or ever? What you want shows up for you when you show up for you. <----- Reread that.

Start right now and make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. It can be as simple as the toaster that made your toast, the water you have to drink, the shoes on your feet, etc.. "Change your thoughts, change your life". <--- Wayne Dyer wrote that book. It works but you cannot sabotage it just because you are not where you want to be right NOW. Think about life like you don't think about how your feet most likely work for you daily to get you from one place to the other, or your car, your crutches, wheelchair, etc., no matter what it is. We tend to take simple things for granted daily, like the very air you breathe that keeps you alive, the function of your lungs, your beating heart, etc. All is never lost unless you agree to that. Don't settle for less than what you want either. You are only prolonging what you truly want, if you could just hang in there and wait. Not everything we think we want shows up immediately and looking back in hindsight I'm sure many of you just said, "Thank God!" Is that right or wrong? Change the way you think, NOW. Live in the gift of this present moment and love every step of the beautiful way. It's all for a reason. Sometimes just a season and you may be grateful for that also. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable, it's part of life. If you need help, reach out and ask because most people don't read minds and someone WILL help you. Wake up and be grateful for this life no matter how crappy you may think it is at this moment, YOU are here for a damn good reason! Life isn't perfect but it can be perfected and it starts with YOU.

Get up and go grab LIFE.


Watch the video below. What's a few hours for the rest of your life?


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