6-6-2018 Tarot - Justice

You know what true justice is? It's finding peace within even among all the chaos that may be surrounding you. So many are facing their darkness, their past, their current reality that no longer serves them, right now. It doesn't feel good, it doesn't look good but you have to face it if you want true peace. You have to stop selling yourself, your dreams and desires short. You have to start living for you. You have to take a stand against all that you have created or agreed to be in your life that you are now not liking so much. Running away, hiding, beating yourself up, blaming, shaming - none of that is the answer. The answer is finding what brings YOU joy. The answer is facing it all and taking a stand for YOU. Justice is finding your peace within. What makes you happy? Do you or had you been living for or through others? That eventually doesn't feel so good because you have left yourself. Life happens, it'll even knock you on your ass but you have to get back up, wipe the dirt off and keep going. Everyone gets tired. Everyone gets down in life. No one is perfect and you're not here to be perfect, just try to per-fect what you can, when you can. You are in control of you. It's time to be a little selfish. Not in a way that you are hurting others but in a way that you are better helping your core being. If you are feeling lost and think you cannot find a single thing that brings you joy, think back to your childhood as far back as you can remember before any trauma or projections of others may have happened and think about what you did then that brought you joy. Find that place-do that. Do what brought you joy way back when. It doesn't matter what it was. I don't care if it was just coloring in a coloring book, if it was then go buy the coloring book and crayons! You get the point here. Take a day off for YOU. Pamper YOU. Do for YOU. Find YOU again! It is in YOU that peace and justice can be found. It matters if YOU love you, it's not anyone else's job. Get your thoughts about yourself in better alignment. YOU ARE WORTHY. And YOU are WORTH watching the videos below. If you are feeling this card/energy that has been and still is at play then WATCH the videos. Take care of YOU! You ARE loved.


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