6-7-2018 Tarot - Death

Don't let this card scare you. This is not meant as physical death.

Many have been going through a rebirth within themselves. Facing the dark night of their own souls. Take this day as your day to transform. Think of the caterpillar morphing into the butterfly. Caterpillars aren't so pretty but what happens when it cocoons itself? At the end of that transformation you have a beautiful butterfly. Life, has many ups and downs and transformations. Get through them as best you can. Face what needs to be faced within, confront what's been created, and transform anything you are not liking. Today, if it hasn't already happened to you, there will be this type of transformation, a morphing from the old to the new you.

You are ending something from the past for something far more valuable to come into your life. This can apply to you as situations from the past, relationships of the past that no longer serve you, toxicity within or toxic things and people that had been surrounding you. It is over. Be grateful as it ends and stay heart centered with your arms wide open for what is waiting to come into your life and bless you with this transformation. The past week especially has been extremely hard for so many. The energy has been rough and heavy but you're still here, you made it and for damn good reason. Tired of suffering? Then let your death grip on it go. You don't have to suffer. You never did. You just agreed to it somewhere along the line of life and so many don't know any better. Bless it all. Let - It - Go. It is time for a new you and new things to come into your life that better serve you. It's just waiting on YOU. You don't have to suffer but you do have to get rid of the things and people that make you feel that way. You are not here to just survive, you are here to THRIVE.

You are totally WORTHY.


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