6-8-2018 Tarot - Seven of Pentacles

Wealth, love, all the riches in the world, fame, notoriety, all the friends you could imagine, etc.. Guess what? It doesn't f-ing matter if you are not good within yourself. Nothing can make you happy if you are not happy within first. If you are fighting an addiction, depression, etc., nothing outwardly material or substance can or will fix it.

We all have dark and light within. This past week has shown us that darkness and it was DEEP. If you are reading this, I thank GOD because you made it through the worst of the energies that were at play. We will still see more of this however not as potent. Please, if you need help, PLEASE reach out to anyone! Do not fear what others may think while you are alive and F anyone that judges the way you may have or be feeling. REACH OUT! NO amount of success or wealth will be a guarantee to a great life as we have seen in the past and recent news of Famous deaths and possibly someone you knew on a more personal level. We have to face that darkness and stand up to it and embrace it from a loving perspective or be taken by it. YOU are here on purpose and need to find that purpose and if you cannot - then again, please reach out for help in finding this. Everyone on this planet has meaning here. YOU are greatly loved even when you feel you may not be. Please if you have been feeling suicidal, call this number 1-800-273-8255 - the national suicide prevention hotline, it is available 24/7. If you don't need it but feel someone else does then pass it along. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE WORTHY OF A GOOD LIFE. Recognize that when you feel down it is okay as life won't always be perfect but it doesn't mean you have to stay there in it.

"Helping other's is my passion and purpose in life!" ~Susan Nicole Wright 

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